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Densholme Farm

We particularly welcome school groups and other community groups to engage with the environment and activities on offer. Here at Densholme Farm you can experience the great outdoors whatever the weather and participate in a range of activities to suit you or your groups’ requirements.

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…explore our wonderful

Our Woodland is home to a huge biodiversity of marvellous creatures, which have flourished in our Organic haven. Microscopic mini beasts, songbirds and Roe Deer now call it home, we have resident Hedgehogs, Rabbits, Dragonflies, Butterflies, Moths, Owls and even Swallows who fly back each year to gobble up the insects living around its boundaries.

…meet all our friendly farm animals

Girl Holding Chicken

Our resident farm animals are friendly characters from cheeky goats, to wallowing pigs; often found lazing in the barn ready for the next belly rub! Not forgetting our very friendly sheep and chickens with newly hatched chicks in the warmer months. They are all looking forward to meeting you!

…learn more about the plants
and crops we grow

Girl Holding Onion

Our market garden area is built to accommodate all our users; with raised beds for easy access. We grow Organic vegetables and fruit, which are available to all our regular visitors and volunteers, as well as Strawberries, Courgettes, Tomatoes, Rocket, Lettuce, Beetroot and Potatoes and much more! Not forgetting acres of organic wheat, the cut flower patch, and orchards!

…access our outdoor play area

The outdoor play area is built with mobility in mind and encourages users to test their balancing and mobility skills with a safe but exciting loop of low wooden rails and tire and rope walk-ways. Even big kids like to give it a whirl!

…visit our renewable energy site

We endeavour to consider the environment in every way we can, the farm itself runs on renewable energy in the form of a wood pellet boiler for heat and solar panels for electricity. The biggest area of the farm is off the main site and home to 9 wind turbines which generate enough power for a small town! This makes for an interesting school visit focused on renewable energy.


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