Sessional Workers - 

Densholme Care Farm are looking to extend their existing Sessional Worker bank with two placements particularly in mind with local School groups of young people with additional needs, one being on a Thursday term-time from 1.15pm-2.45pm and the other on a Friday term-time from 11.15am until 2.15pm.    You will be responsible (under direction of the Supervising Officer) for co-ordinating, delivering and supporting these groups with nature-based activities around the farm on a temporary but on-going basis.  


In addition to this, occasional work may be offered (Tuesday to Friday) with our adult care farm clients of a range of ages and abilities to support them, and assist the Supervising Officer with, activities around the farm.  


As this is a Bank role, work is not guaranteed and may be cancelled at any reasonable time.      We are looking for bank workers to cover one, two or all three of these opportunities on a temporary basis.   We are looking for people who have empathy, patience, understanding and are willing to engage and support our client base of people with learning, physical, mental health, emotional, social and behavioural difficulties. 


Please contact Sal on in the first instance if you are interested and for more information!   Closing date Friday, 3rd November.  Further information about the work we do can be found on our website

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