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Glenn Priestley

Glenn Priestley

Royal Air Force Firefighter since 1999, currently holding the rank of Sergeant and working out of Defence Fire Rescue Headquarters. Husband and Parent to two fantastic daughters who have tolerated my unique sense of humour for a number of years now.

Some of you may well be aware of my own struggles with periods of poor mental health over recent years. I am better than I have been for a long time and feel I am in a position where I want to be able to help others that may also have occasions or even long periods where they struggle.

After running 3 half marathons in 2019 I found a love for running; something that was far and away from my previous sport of 'Powerlifting'. However, the time in the fresh air, surrounded by natural distractions, has helped me maintain a positive mindset. To help to continue in raising awareness to mental health I aim to raise money to continue the support that Densholme Care Farm offers by running the Manchester Marathon in April 2020.

During 2018, as a family we visited an area around Hornsea and by chance it was close to our family friend Lucie Fell. Lucie invited us to her parentís farm to say hello and to show us around. We were instantly made to feel welcome by both her parents, Farmer Denys and his lovely wife Mary; and we were lucky enough to have a tour of the farm. This was where I became aware of  Densholme Farm's initiative to tackle mental health. Whilst the origins come from a period of farmer suicides, the farm itself is a raft of space and activities for wellness. Farmer Denys farms 270 acres, all organic, mainly arable and sheep.

At the turn of the new Millennium he was asked to host the East Riding Rural Stress Initiative, aimed at helping farmers to reach out if they were struggling with loneliness, isolation and mental health issues. With suicide rates high in the farming community, he was determined to try to do something to help but wasnít sure what that might be to begin with. Then, twelve years ago, he invited three young men with various difficulties, living in a local care home, to come to the farm on Wednesday and Friday mornings. He saw first-hand how being on a farm could benefit the disabled and those with mental health issues, learning difficulties, or suffering from drug addictions.

It planted the seed for what was to come. Farmer Denys went on to launch a separate business from his farm - a community care farm, set up as a social enterprise with the mission statement íto share the farm with those who may benefití. A recent article and video from the Yorkshire Post on December 4, 2019 gives an excellent insight into how the social enterprise has grown and is helping to transform lives.

As a previous Northern Farmer of the Year 2018 (including Outstanding Achievement award) , Farmer Denys is one of many of us who has had low times but in the short time I've known him he's appeared on 'Look North', a regional news program, talking about struggles in the farming community; and in October 2019 nearly 70 years old, he ran the Chicago Marathon. With the greatest respect to him, I thought, well if a 70 year old can run a marathon then maybe I can too.

Whether you are a farmer, a member of the armed forces or someone who just needs some time to reflect and be distracted from 'normality', then there are opportunities out there away from the perceived norm that may help within local communities such as Densholme Care Farm offers.

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