Grow with us art-based sessions - 
THURSDAY FREE session still has places available. Don't forget booking is essential in order to keep the groups small and the environment calm. 👌 FUNDING AVAILABLE FOR THOSE COMING FROM EAST RIDING AREA AND ENTITLED TO FREE SCHOOL MEALS/OR HOME SCHOOLED DUE TO SEN. 'Grow with us' are art based sessions on a farm with animals and nature aimed at children with Autism/spectrum conditions or SEN. For more information about our 'grow with us' sessions please contact or call 01964 535315. Please share in EAST YORKSHIRE BASED GROUPS. 
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=160 Tesco’s Community Grants fund
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=157 Grow with us art-based sessions
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=155 Code of Practice achieved again!
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=154 Make It Shine
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=153 A very different Harvest Festival this year...
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newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=149 Farm to Fork series
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=148 Care Farming, Learning & Young People
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=146 Missing you all!
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newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=143 Parties...
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=142 Friendship bench!
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=140 He did it!!
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=137 Woodland Magic
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=136 Code compliance!
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=135 Flowers everywhere
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=134 Denys the farmer AND AUTHOR!!!
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=128 LEAF Education
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=126 FaceTime a Farmer!
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=125 What you should know about Kai...
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=124 VIP Visitors!
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=123 Exciting news!
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=122 Social Farms and Gardens
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=120 Woodland Art Trail
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=119 Woodland Art Trail
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=117 We celebrate...
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=115 Northern Farmer of the Year
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=113 Education Visits
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=110 Patron awarded a KBE
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=109 Kingsmill School
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=108 Learning Outside the Classroom Award
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=105 Hull Children's University
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=104 Patron
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=103 Skydive
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=100 Welcome!
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=94 Awards evening
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=82 Open Day Video
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=81 Open Farm Sunday Art work
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=79 Activity Trail
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=75 Withernwick Wind Farm
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=72 Sensory Garden Launch
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=71 Woodcarving Workshop
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=40 Veolia offers much-appreciated support.
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=38 House of Commons Support
newspage.php?ID=155&NEWS_ID=18 HRH Prince Charles

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