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In 2017 we were successful in receiving £ 2,000 from the Tesco Bags of Help initiative to enable us to run a workshop with our clients, staff, volunteers and visitors to create a "Woodland Art Trail".     We were lucky enough to secure the help of local artist, Fiona Caley, to deliver the workshop and this took place over 5 Fridays in April and May 2018.  The workshop consisted of collecting leaves from the woodland, drawing designs and painting the clay and ply leaves, designing and decorating the tree signposts, siting the leaves and signposts in the woodland and barn, and identifying and linking the leaves collected with printed leaf images. 


    .  . 

From the workshop we have produced: leaves to hang from the trees, tree plaques to identify which trees are in our woodland, 2 information/aerial views of the trail for each entrance, an A0 size handbook with all the artwork in all stages, a board with woodland leaves to be sited in the barn, a woodland guide and a "Trees in our Woodland" booklet.   Follow on work will take place over the coming summer months to build on what we have achieved so far. 


Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the workshops, hereís a brief summary of verbal feedback received:


*    'It was fun painting, and collecting and identifying the leaves'


*    'I enjoyed photographing and trying to find out which tree the leaf belonged to that we hadn't identified previously'


*    'I liked Fiona, she was a good teacher and made it fun, she was clear and explained things well'


*    'I found it relaxing and therapeutic, nice to do a different activity and all abilities catered for'


*    'I enjoyed the workshop, loved doing the artwork'


*    'Everyone was enthusiastic and interacted well with each other, team work and peer support was great to see. Everyone seemed very calm and content. We enjoyed participating and choosing our own colours and designs'.


*    ĎIím looking forward to seeing everyone using the Trail, enjoying and learning from ití.


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