Useful documents to help you plan your visit

202009181547560.DCF - Animal Welfare Policy 2020.pdf 

Densholme Animal Welfare Policy 

202009181549210.DCF - Environmental Policy 2020.pdf 

Densholme Environmental Policy 

202009281453330.DCF - Fire Safety and Evacuation Policy and Risk Assessment 2020.pdf 

Densholme Fire Safety Plan 

202009181555440.Participant's Personal Details form.pdf 

Densholme Participants Personal Details form 

202009241352370.DCF Safeguarding Children Policy September 2020.pdf 

Densholme Safeguarding Children Policy 

202009231457190.DCF - Disciplinary Procedure & Code of practice -participants 2020.pdf 

Disciplinary Procedure & Code of Practice 

202009181542100.DCF - Smoking Policy 2020.pdf 

Densholme Smoking Policy 

202009181554430.DCF Anti-bullying Policy 2020.pdf 

Densholme Anti-bullying Policy 

202009231345230.DCF Equality & Diversity Policy 2020.pdf 

Densholme Equality & Diversity Policy 

202009231501560.DCF - Grievance Procedure 2020.pdf 

Densholme Grievance Procedure 

202009181551080.DCF Volunteer Policy 2020.pdf 

Densholme Volunteer Policy 

202106092035400.General Risk Assessment June 2021.pdf 

Densholme Generic Risk Assessment 

202009251333110.Densholme Farm COVID-19 response process.pdf 

Covid 19 Response Process 

202007031257190.SCHOOL RISK ASSESSMENT 2020.pdf 

Schools Risk Assessment 2020 

202007031258040.SITE MAP 2020.pdf 

Densholme Site Profile 

202009241121210.Densholme Care Farm H&S Policy 2020.pdf 

Densholme Health and Safety Policy 

202009181540540.DCF WhistleBlowing Policy 2020.pdf 

Densholme Whistle Blowing Policy 

202009181546380.E Safety Policy 2020.pdf 

Densholme E-Safety Policy 

201702201532080.Venue booking form .docx 

Densholme Venue Booking Form 

202012012013300.DCF Safeguarding Adults Policy December 2020.pdf 

Densholme Safeguarding Adults Policy  

202009181544030.Safe Working Policy - 2020.pdf 

Densholme Safe Working Policy 

202009231349200.DCF - Sickness Policy August 2020.pdf 

Densholme Sickness Policy 

The Care Act 2014 summary 

201505191308210.Directions Densholme Care Farm.pdf 

Directions to Densholme Care Farm 

202009181600430.DCF MIssing Persons Policy 2020.pdf 

Densholme Missing Persons Policy 

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