About us - a short history

Way back in the year 2000 I hosted something called the 'East Riding Rural Stress Initiative'. This was a big attempt to go on the offensive against the alarming rate of farming suicides.

No one suggested that a good way for farmers to combat stress, worry and loneliness would be for them to consider developing a 'Care Farm'. Using a farm to help people with mental health problems, drug addictions or learning difficulties was unheard of then and is somewhat of a strange animal now.

But I now find myself in the position of having part of my farm, a small but thriving part, which is being used to promote wholeness and education. In September, 2009, I was delighted to receive the support of the Tribune Trust to further improve the facility. Their Chairman made the comment, after I told the history of the care aspect of the farm, that "it has been a happy accident".

I could see his viewpoint but I think what we can offer today is more down to the tremendous team that has been moulded together these past few years. We are excited about the future here and look forward to welcoming you to the farm!

Denys Fell.

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