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We are delighted to be awarded the 2019 LEAF Education membership badge.

LEAF Education is part of Linking Environment and Farming (charity number 1045781).

LEAF Education is the leading educational charity working with schools to help children and young people understand the connection between farming and their daily lives. LEAF Education creates high quality educational experiences, both inside and outside the classroom, that change perspectives and deepen understanding of the food we eat, the people who produce it and the choices we all make as citizens. 
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Countryside Classroom helps teachers to find resources, places to visit and school support relating to the themes of food, farming and the natural environment.

newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=141 21st ANNUAL HORNSEA HIKE
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=140 He did it!!
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=138 Farmer Denys set for Chicago
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=137 Woodland Magic
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=136 Code compliance!
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=135 Flowers everywhere
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=134 Denys the farmer AND AUTHOR!!!
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=133 Beautiful Summer Solstice!
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=132 Want to be a Care Farmer???
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=130 Spring is finally here...
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=129 Party time!
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=128 LEAF Education
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=127 Not long now till lambing!
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=126 FaceTime a Farmer!
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newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=124 VIP Visitors!
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=123 Exciting news!
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=122 Social Farms and Gardens
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=120 Woodland Art Trail
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=119 Woodland Art Trail
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=117 We celebrate...
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=116 Hornsea Third Marathon
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=115 Northern Farmer of the Year
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=113 Education Visits
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=110 Patron awarded a KBE
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=109 Kingsmill School
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=108 Learning Outside the Classroom Award
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=105 Hull Children's University
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=104 Patron
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=103 Skydive
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=101 Costa Chickens!
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=100 Welcome!
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=94 Awards evening
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=91 Disability Games!
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=90 Care Farming UK
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=88 Farm Choir
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=87 New interactive shed wall!
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=86 Newsflash!
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=82 Open Day Video
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=81 Open Farm Sunday Art work
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=79 Activity Trail
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=75 Withernwick Wind Farm
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=72 Sensory Garden Launch
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=71 Woodcarving Workshop
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=64 Launch Event
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=40 Veolia offers much-appreciated support.
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=38 House of Commons Support
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=18 HRH Prince Charles
newspage.php?ID=138&NEWS_ID=3 EVENTS: WHAT'S ON?

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