Woodland Magic - 
We are hosting inclusive sessions for home educated children with Autism/learning disabilities for ages 5 to 17.
Activities will include Den Building, Leaf Crafts, Animal Encounters, Foraging in the woodland, Making bird feeders to take home.

Facilities include:
- Changing places with Hoist
- Fully accessible toilets
- Sensory Garden
- Low mobility Play area
- Comfortable and spacious indoor education area.
- Access to tea and coffee making facilities, cooker and microwaves.
- ….and lots of animals of course!!

£12 per child (siblings £6 each, accompanying under 3s are free) FREE for parents/carers (prices includes a coffee/tea!)

Booking is essential to ensure limited numbers and a calm environment. The ‘Woodland Magic’ group will be led by a dedicated and experienced member of staff and will have the whole farm to themselves.

Please bring a picnic lunch to enjoy at the end of the session.

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