Useful documents to help you plan your visit

201702201324030.DCF - Animal Welfare Policy 2017.pdf 

Densholme Animal Welfare Policy 

201702201327350.DCF - Environmental Policy.pdf 

Densholme Environmental Policy 

201608171159520.DCF - Fire Safety Policy 2016.pdf 

Densholme Fire Safety Policy 

201605242019070.Participants personal details form April 2016.pdf 

Densholme Participants Personal Details form 

201702201433210.DCF Safeguarding Children Policy February 2017.pdf 

Densholme Child Protection/Safeguarding Policy 

201702211054470.DCF - Disciplinary Procedure & Code of practice -participants.pdf 

Disciplinary Procedure & Code of Practice 

201608171202530.DCF - Smoking Policy 2016.pdf 

Densholme Smoking Policy 

201702201441280.DCF Anti-bullying Policy.pdf 

Densholme Anti-bullying Policy 

201702201444150.DCF Equality & Diversity Policy 2017.pdf 

Densholme Equality & Diversity Policy 

201702201448190.DCF - Grievance Procedure.pdf 

Greivance Procedure 

201702201449220.DCF Volunteer Policy.pdf 

Densholme Volunteer Policy 

201802152053520.General Risk Assessment Jan 2018[1].pdf 

Densholme Generic Risk Assessment 

201609011848220.Schools Risk Assessment 2016.pdf 

Schools Risk Assessment 2016 

201702201453080.Volunteer Application Form Feb 2017.pdf 

Densholme Volunteer Application Form 

201702201522400.Densholme Care Farm H&S Policy 2017.pdf 

Densholme Health and Safety Policy 

201702201524220.DCF WhistleBlowing Policy 2017.pdf 

Densholme Whistle Blowing Policy 

201702271002480.E Safety Policy 2017.pdf 

E-Safety policy 2017 

201702201527580.Data Protection Policy 2017.pdf 

Data Protection Policy 

201702201532080.Venue booking form .docx 

Venue Booking Form 

201702201429590.DCF Safeguarding Adults Policy Feb 2017.pdf 

Densholme Safeguarding Adults Policy  

201702201600170.Safe Working Policy - 2017.pdf 

Safe Working Policy 

201702201603260.DCF - Sickness Policy 2017.pdf 

Densholme Sickness Policy 

201609060808030.Management Information Report to 16.6.16 copy.pdf 

Management Information report 2015-16 

The Care Act 2014 summary 

201505191308210.Directions Densholme Care Farm.pdf 

Directions to Densholme Care Farm 

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